Wednesday, 7 December 2011

horrible pictures

A lot of documents have remained intact.
Actually, the building is very old. It was built in the 30s – 40s, and was used as a jail.
In some of the rooms, they’ve even installed plastic windows.
In the basement of the building, they carried out executions and as a result, its lower floors were bricked up.
After that, the jail was turned into a mental hospital.
There are a lot of pretty valuable things here…
Once it became abandoned, crowds of schoolchildren took a fancy to this place and kept coming here. Thus, they had to install an alarm system in the building.
By the way, in July 2011, this hospital was purchased by some shady company but nothing’s changed.
An attic.
An assembly hall.
A piano. It’s functioning but probably, some one will break it soon.
In September 2011, a group of activists fixed a sign to the door which ran, “In this building, a legendary person, the White movement leader, Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg, was executed by shooting  09.15.1921.” However, half an hour later, policemen arrived at the hospital, took off the sign and arrested those who didn’t escape.
Now, let’s go down to the basement.
Where’s this red light coming from?
It’s from a burning chair…

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