Tuesday, 31 January 2012

funny kids pictures

Naughty kid! where is your mother? I hope she see you.
Are you sleepy some one take this baby and put him to bed Another baby addicted to beer how nice give him a smoke.My new baby sitter takes good care of me when moms away.Can I take a photo with you? Yes you can your both cute.The perfect hands to look after the baby when moms away.Oh! Ice-cream those tits look more interesting lady.Funny baby and cute baby say cheese. Is he French?She needs to breathe so give her some mouth to mouth.Kiss me well this is more of a lick me than a kiss me!!Look over there...they are both so cute you could kiss them Mommas Boy when he grows up he will remember this pictureWhat you looking at? pardon me this baby is u***lyJust checking out this is a naughty boy where is your mom.Washing Machine how did this cutie get in that monster.Kid and the doll don't they look like brothers awwww...Baby with sunflower this little bundle of joy is so cute.Planning a Robbery for Milk can I join we can take so cheeseDo not enter my home I will scare the hell out of you!Officers of the law keeping the streets safe from babiesHello guys! I'm taking such a good bath! want to joinHow did this kid get stuck inside this cage will someone sayFunny face of scared girl help me will someone help me.Mini chair for kids this way she can sit at her own table.Kid in toilet! Don't cry little boy we are here!The cat the baby they look so cute I need both.The Champ he's so strong how does he do it please tell?It's Party Time lets all enjoy some cold smooth beer.Is that Me? Yes it is you and I close you is taking your overDisappointed Kid I wish I could remain a baby all the timeKid Bottle Party they are so drunk hope they have dippers on.That's not Me so I am going to kiss myself in the mirror.Crazy Drinker this is a mega size bottle for a small drinkerPunctual Office Boy reading the paper while on the pottyBest Pool Player I will become a mater at this one day.I need to relax now I need a smoke, anyone has a smokeI love to smoke and drink give me a beer please.Samba Dancer o a strong face for a young child.I love to shave even though I am bleeding like crazy.A perfect peanut butter mess it looks like number two also.Sleeping Beauty the places kids fall asleep put her to bed.The final fight may the best baby win the match.What's there inside? I show you mine if you show me yours.Felling drowsy will someone please feed my and let me sleep.Warning prepare to fight I will beat you up real bad.I am the cutest baby on all the internet aren't I kiss me, Lesson learnt I think he pissed his pants help me momI'm innocent or not I am a naughty baby boy spank me ladies.Dirty little boy someone should give you a spanking.Auditions are these sumo wrestlers the fat kid look strongerFriendly fight now lets see who is the baldest and strongestMom did not feed me so I am walking on the boulevard Give me all your money and I wont cut your fingers off.So young and behind bars mommy why what did I do!!!He little boy, stop looking up my ass no privacy Yummy it tastes like candy chocolate more please.This an interesting tattoo for a bad boy lets eat.Kids Learning The Finer Points Of The Game that hurts.Two fighting kids the referee is really enjoying this Professional Bodybuilder I am super strong and mighty.No dogs, no bicycles, no swimming poor little girl Don't play with my sting! that's a huge veggie ouch.Don't do that little girl, it will hurt very badly!Naughty boy with barbie! Look at him lick her tits.Hello I have a strange face but I'm funny! Very funny Kids with paint all over the place these are some bad kids.Jumping Kid, or crazy parent I'm like superman flying!Look at those two little babies monkeys! so cute they are.I told you not to play with this cheese grater!Nice read... What this little boy is looking at?Where is your Child he can be in the swimming poolHungry or Sleepy how about both poor kid.

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