Tuesday, 31 January 2012

funny pictures

In times of hair disasters help comes from cats.
Cat brushing this is so cute a kitty brushing his teeth.Monkey bathing he looks filled with ecstasy This food give you a high then it kills you I love it.Very Dangerous! This is a design military weaponGreat Tank! This tank will have some problem during the warNice golden Shower my pee will stop your bulletStuck In Iraq I thought Iraq was spelt Iraq She is one strong girl to be carrying this truck up the hillTanks Accident hope they have a tank junior guys.Sleeping Cop, where are the bad boys they are taunting him/Drinking militaries in Peru attention bottles to your head.The future of advertising not sure of the market depthwith a bear trap like this who needs a shot gun.And You Thought Your Job Sucked one sneeze away from death Split Pants in time of sadness some funny things can happenI'm With Stupid is this true or what ! This is Our Kind of Military, Leather and Red Short DressesOne Colour Not to Paint a LamborghiniPit stop in the desert time to take a pee!How on earth did this bugger find it’s self on the tar mat.Prisoners in pink every one is now clean and sober Army training or suicidal tendencies you be the judge Brute force we all need one of this at work Miserable failure you need to go back to training school Police offer makes an arrest then salutes United Nations A force of peace in our time Wind checker dog 33 degrees north 12 degrees west 2mphBaseball military style. The ball will be dust after firing.Plane attack no more missiles get this guy to do the attack Cost saving the perfect way to save on transportation.A gun which serves as a bow and arrow shoot on A love letter back from home they look so sad Air force the new military secret weapon take out the enemies

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